Bluetooth Smart Scale

Body weight can be a key element of anyone’s health and fitness strategy, so the Fitbug WoW scale is designed to make tracking your weight simple and convenient. The Bluetooth 4.0 technology effortlessly uploads your data to the Kiqplan app, so you can view your progress instantly on your smartphone.

The WoW scale can work on its own as a highly accurate way to check in on your weight. It also works alongside your activity tracker as part of the free Kiqplan app, helping you to progress towards your goal. For a much more in-depth and personalized experience, use the WoW scale along with any one of our Kiqplan 12 week training plans, and get a clear picture of your health and weight while you track your progress using the food diary and activity log.

More about WoW

  • The scale can report weight in either kg or lbs

  • It is white, splash-proof since they usually live in the bathroom, and takes 3 AAA batteries

  • The tempered glass can hold up to 250kg, so don’t be shy

  • Your weight can be viewed instantly on the LCD screen without using any other devices

  • The WoW is designed to work compatibly alongside most trackers on the free Kiqplan app

  • For much more personalized tracking, use your WoW with a Kiqplan 12 week training plan

  • Compatible with: iPhone 4S or newer, iPad 3/Mini or newer, iPod Touch (5th Gen or newer) and leading Android devices running v4.4 or newer with Bluetooth 4.0

How Does WoW Work?

1. Download Kiqplan app

2. Sign Up or Log In

3. Enable Smartphone Bluetooth

4. Stand on the WoW

5. Update Your Goals

FitBug Orb Wristband

Wear the Fitbug Orb around your wrist using the Fitbug Orb wristband.

Fitbug Bluetooth USB dongle

Works with Orb and Air. Send your steps wirelessly to your computer via the Bluetooth dongle.

Fitbug Orb Belt Clip

Fasten the Fitbug Orb securely to your belt using the Fitbug Orb belt clip.

Fitbug Orb Underwear Clip

Slip the Fitbug Orb inside the magnetic underwear clip to wear it discreetly