Activity and Sleep Tracker

We all know that knowledge is power, and at Fitbug we believe that the first step to Digital Wellness is to track your movement and your sleep. With accurate data about yourself, you can make real changes in your patterns of fitness and rest that will improve your overall health and well-being.

The valuable data gathered 24 hours a day by your Orb can be viewed and tracked using the Kiqplan app. Empowered with the full story of everything you do – even while you sleep – you can tweak your daily routine to make the small changes that last for a lifetime. We’ll support you with personalized resources for better nutrition, fitness, sleep and stress management; both online and in-app.

More about the Orb

  • Tracks distance walked, number of steps, calories burned and hours slept

  • Wear it exactly as you like with a wristband, lanyard, or a discreet belt clip

  • Measures all of your activity using an advanced 3-axis accelerometer

  • Pick a sync mode that suits you, from on-demand, beacon or stream

  • Works with our Kiqplan digital wellness app to help you achieve your goals

  • Compatible with: iPhone 5S or newer and leading Android devices running v4.4 or newer

How does the Orb work

1. Download Kiqplan app

2. Sign Up or Log In

3. Pair Your Orb

4. Track Your Progress

5. Improve Your Life


FitBug Orb Wristband

Wear the Fitbug Orb around your wrist using the Fitbug Orb wristband.

Fitbug Bluetooth USB dongle

Works with Orb and Air. Send your steps wirelessly to your computer via the Bluetooth dongle.

Fitbug Orb Belt Clip

Fasten the Fitbug Orb securely to your belt using the Fitbug Orb belt clip.

Fitbug Orb Underwear Clip

Slip the Fitbug Orb inside the magnetic underwear clip to wear it discreetly