Success storiesSuccess stories

From weight loss and fitness to improving health and shifting the baby weight, hear what some of our Fitbug fans have to say.

Chris McNamara Weight loss

Pennsylvania, USA

Chris McNamara has shifted the pounds, pushed herself to do core exercises, is making healthier decisions and is more confident than ever.

“Don't diet; make Fitbug, healthy eating, and exercise a lifestyle.”

David Walker Fitness

West Drayton, UK

David Walker felt so inspired by Fitbug that he signed up for the London Marathon.

“They do say that every journey starts with just one step. I would encourage anyone to take that step with Fitbug”

John Dawson Medical triumph

London, UK

John Dawson has lost 22lbs with Fitbug and his diabetes nurse is amazed at the improvement in his cholesterol and blood sugar levels.

“Even if you aren't losing the weight you hope to, you are making strides to a healthier you and the weight loss will come with time.”

Diana Gasior Weight loss

Chicago, USA

Diana Gasior is happier, has lost weight and her health has improved in general. Oh and she feels fully in charge of her health.

“Think of it as your own little healthy buddy to remind you of how a few extra steps can lead to a longer, happier life!”

Dennis Clifton Improve health

Chicago, USA

Dennis Clifton raised money for his granddaughter's charity HoPE, enjoyed participating in the Footfall leagues and is being considered for a Guinness Book of World Record.

“For someone my age to complete 1,000,000 steps in less than 31 days is a big deal.”

Abbi Hardern Post-natal/lose baby fat

St Albans, UK

Abbi Harden has cut back on the junk food, dropped her baby weight and has had to buy a brand new wardrobe. Lucky for some!

“I've had a major attitude shift and the Fitbug has helped me to quantify how much activity I am doing and motivate me.”