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Enhance your workplace community, encourage healthy competition and get people moving with Fitbug's range of customizable challenges.

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“The "walk round the world challenge" is a lot of fun and certainly inspires me to walk! It's interesting reading about all of the places that I'm "visiting". I now park as far away as possible in parking lots. Things like that add up the steps.”


“The summer walking challenge based on all the cities we have offices in was really cool. As well as getting me moving, I "met" lots of new work colleagues from other offices which really helps me do my job better.”


“I have now lost over 20 lbs and am down to a BMI of about 25. My blood pressure is now 110/70 and my cholesterol level is back below five. Thank you Fitbug.”


“Feel awesome after three months with my bug. I have twice the energy, sleep markedly better at night, no longer feel like a snooze in the afternoons and really enjoy a brisk walk.”


“Since we got the Fitbug, I have seen spring turn into summer and now into fall. I remember only one other time in my life when I really took notice of the season's cycles - it really has been energizing, especially my lunchtime walks when a pick-me-up is needed.”


“I call it "feeding the bug" - it has gotten me to walk when I would have otherwise driven just so that I can add steps.”


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